Facebook introduces live 4K streaming

The list of supported cameras is still limited though and I don’t know anyone who has any of the following cameras: Giroptic iO, Insta360 Nano, Insta360 Air, Insta360 Pro, ION360 U, Nokia Ozo, Z CAM S1, 360Fly HD, 360Fly 4K, and 360Fly 4K Pro

If you do have one of these then I wish you luck streaming 4k over-the-air.


New Google Earth is stunning

It’s hard to believe that this fly-through is done in real-time in Google Earth. It’s even more difficult to believe that it’s all running through the browser.

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Your 6 seconds of fame on a digital board

Good tie-in of in-house experiential with the big impressions of out door media.

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Music Lab is highly addictive

Make your way to and be ready to spend at least an hour making incredible tunes. Just make sure that you are using the Google Chrome browser. All the magic is possible using modern web audio and visual libraries.


MINI encourages you to skip it’s pre-roll ad

Everyone wants to skip the 5 second pre-roll and MINI takes advantage of that. How clever!

Geico – best pre-roll ad EVER.

I skip pre-roll ads and I’m sure you do too. I wonder if I was to skip this one if I were to stumble upon it organically?

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Google’s mixing video cube

Modern web is awesome. Check out this experiment showing video/audio/3D manipulation, all through your trustworthy, modern browser. Not sure if this works in IE.


Advertisers “know” who you are using your smartphone’s accelerometer

There is yet another way or yet another hack to track anonymous users on smartphones. A security researcher by the name of Hristo Bojinov has discovered that each accelerometer in a smartphone has a unique fingerprint. There is a more precise tech explanation that you can explore here.

Specialized code running in the smartphone browser can access this unique fingerprint and remember you.

I hope you’re not paranoid…


Google Trend Visualizer – pretty HTML rendering of search results

This is a beautiful visualization that represents the hotest topics searched through google.  Tip: you can change the country that the search results are coming from on the lower left side.

Barley – edit your site as if it’s a word document

There are many CMS (content management system) out there and Barley is a new one with a slight twist. You don’t need to know any code at all.

Barley allows you to chose from a slew of predefined (designed and built) templates. The user can then edit and add the content right on the site. All you got to do is login to the site through a small login widget. The service will cost you $18/month which includes the hosting. Apparently it registers 1,000 companies on daily basis – that’s $18,000 a day! Mmmm, I love me some barley!

Check it: