Billboard that kills Zika mosquitoes

I wonder if it really works? How does it only attract mosquitoes that carry Zika?


Volvo will steal your car’s energy

I wonder how did they do the vehicle recognition? How long did it take to negotiate with the authorities to install this on a section of a highway???


Unity’s new real time render engine is INSANE!

This would of taken a couple of days per frame to render back in the day. Now all you need is a good video card…


Real time face mapping + projection

This is some accurate projection mapping happening in real time. I wonder if it can automatically adjust to any person’s features and actively remap the creative. Don’t look straight into the beam!

Samsung’s modular wall is incredible

Samsung created this robot driven installation to show the versatility of a bezel-less screen. It’s a prototype at this stage and I can’t wait for it to become a reality!

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Artificial intelligence ads evolve just like organizms do

This proof of concept takes programatic ads to a new level. Imagine an ad that adjusts it’s creative automatically based on the interest (or the lack of), the environment etc… Brilliant. See the video and read more below:


Magic Leap’s smoke and mirror video is glorious

This is far too seamless to be true! I’m sure that one day it will not be an issue to do all the depth computations so seamlessly but for now I’d say that’s just smoke and mirrors. One must wonder how close Microsoft’s HoloLens is going to make this a reality at launch. Another thing to keep in mind is that Magic Leap has close to $500,000,000 from Google invested in the tech…

Window-less plane will create some serious vertigo

Windows in planes are heavy, present engineering challenges and are just way too small. A French design firm is proposing to retrofit the inside walls of the fuselage with live video from outside of the plane. This reminds me of the tech that military is using to camouflage the outside of tanks, but turned “outside-in”.


Sharp’s Free Form display is the future of LCD tech

Conventional displays must have a bezel around to house the drive circuit, in tech jargon called the gate driver. Sharp’s Free Display disperses the control circuits throughout the pixels on the display area. I can’t wait to see the creative applications!

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