The Virtual Crash billboard

“A stunt that had impact, without impact.”

Samsung S8 is going places in the UK

Check out this simple yet effective campaign for the new Samsung S8. It’s a great way to showcase the device and highlight some of the treasured views that the country has to offer.


Genius is a twitter powered draw-bot

This is a cute idea that has a robot drawing tweets on the chalkboard. With that said it makes very little sense to wait for the robot to complete it’s masterpiece. Imagine if there are even 3 people in the cue and it takes 5 minutes to complete each drawing. Great idea but not practical.

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Coughing billboard

Great stunt which isn’t very sensitive to the smokers. I wonder if it’s also triggered by vapors from e-cigs?


Amazon’s Alexa meets the talking bass

What a great hack to bring AI in an unexpected way.


Netflix Stranger Things DIY door bell

I’d be curious to see how many people would actually built something like that but it’s a great idea!

2 structures are hidden in this installation

This isn’t digital and it doesn’t need to be. Very effective and simple. This is a great idea for an application; embed different sculptures and produce a single, multi-angle installation.


Billboard that kills Zika mosquitoes

I wonder if it really works? How does it only attract mosquitoes that carry Zika?