Subway digital poster affected by train’s wind

A very clever execution. A micro-controller attached to a media player is triggered by the wind of the incoming train. The trigger plays back a pre-produced animation that reflects the wind’s effect on the hair. Simple and elegant. Vitalie, thanks for the find!


Ototo – make some music using “any” surface

Ototo is a small synthesizer that has 12 touch-pads and another 4 sensors that allow you to create music. Where it’s different from other synths is that you can connect it’s sensors to just about anything that conducts electricity and use that surface as a sound control area.

Work comes first – interactive wall

This is a wall built using many solenoids and parts that could be found in a typical hardware store. The motion of the solenoids is controlled by input from a 3D sensor like the Xbox Kinect.


Advertisers “know” who you are using your smartphone’s accelerometer

There is yet another way or yet another hack to track anonymous users on smartphones. A security researcher by the name of Hristo Bojinov has discovered that each accelerometer in a smartphone has a unique fingerprint. There is a more precise tech explanation that you can explore here.

Specialized code running in the smartphone browser can access this unique fingerprint and remember you.

I hope you’re not paranoid…


Control balls with magic!

To promote the Quebec Magic Festival, a bus shelter was retrofitted with a variable speed fan which takes input from sensors (kinect?). The person in front of the installation can use their hands to control the hight of the balls, making it look like a magic trick! Simple and fun!


Castle Light – use your inner Jedi to pour beer!

Shocking! Another beer “kiosk”. This one uses a device that goes on your head and “reads” your brain patterns. The idea is to think “cold” to get the beer served. Who cares if it works or not as long as the beer is dispensed! Only in Europe…

Fracture IO is a 3D photo booth

What do you get when you combine 4 kinects, OpenFrameworks and Unity? A 3D photo booth of course! Unity allows you to package the very surreal outcome to a device of your choice.

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How the Internet of Things Changes Everything

Interesting post in the Harvard Business Review on how the internet is evolving.

Also check out this short clip where Stefan Ferber,  Bosch Software Innovations’ evangelist for the Internet of Things explains this topic in visuals.