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Zealios sun screen campaign uses an overlooked sensor

This innovative mobile app gives you a sunscreen coupon, but only when you are outside, in the sun. How does it know that you are in the sun – by simply using your phone’s ambient light sensor.

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Beck’s playable outdoor poster

This execution took place in New Zealand to align Beck’s beer with the New Zealand Music Month. The poster is using conductive ink and basic microprocessors to get the feedback from the user. It has a small built in speaker which is attached to the actual printed material which turns the static material into an active speaker. I would be curious to know how long did the battery last for?

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Punch this TSA to get the point (no, we don’t condone vandalism)

This is old but it’s the first time that I see this stunt. To prove how tough the EVOC backpack is, a team of engineers mounted the rugged backpack onto a face of a TSA. Pedestrians had a chance to take their best punch at the bag and see the force that the’ve applied on the TSA digital readout. It’s not the safest stunt but is innovative!

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Infamous second son kiosk will shock you

Surprise! This is another kiosk activation. The main character in the Infamous Second Son game shoots lightning and such from his hands. This kiosk wants to electrocute you for 5 seconds. It’s a bit of a loose angle to promote the game but it’s fun!

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Be a team player with Duracell’s custom bus shelter – it will warm your hands

Our long cold winter is good for something. A custom bus shelter was setup in Montreal to promote Duracell’s new battery. By connecting the plus and the minus you can trigger the heating element installed above your head. The catch is that you can’t do it alone but have to use another person. Very cool!


Lego robot controlled by Android will beat anyone at Rubik’s cube

Cubestormer 3 can assemble the cube in 3.253 seconds and is faster than Cubestormer 2. By how much you ask? Over 2 seconds!

At the heart of the robot is a Samsung Galaxy S4 an the actual robot is built using Lego’s Mindstorm actuators. I wonder if Cubestormer 4 can beat that record in the future…


This robot will beat you at Flappy Bird

How do you defeat or at least attempt to defeat Floppy Bird? Build a robot to do so of course!

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Google Tango can see in 3D

This phone has similar sensors as the Xbox Kinect, which allow it to “see” the world in 3D. The combination of the phone’s sensors (gyroscopes and accelerometers) with the 3D sensor could create some powerful application. It could be great to combine one with the Oculus Rift! Oddly enough, the stacked lens array makes it look similar to the HTC one 2.

Perpetual plotter using Arduino

Using Arduino and an RC helicopter motor, this little device can write and erase! I think that Tim Horton’s could use this one to write the brew times on the coffee carafes.


Play air hockey with a 3D printer

The components for this hack are all open source (hardware / software). The high precision servo motors from the RepRap 3D printer move the computer paddle at a remarkably high speed. A sensor above the table tracks the position of the puck of the table. The software is sophisticated as well. You can set it into distinctive play modes such as offence, defense or a combination of the two. It also does puck path prediction.