100 projectors indoors create magic

This stunning indoor art exhibit is achieved by combining 100 projectors. Needless to say that blending and mapping all the images is a work of art on it’s own.


Real-time projection face mapping

Brilliant. Same guys who created the 1k FPS mapping on T-Shirts out of Japan!


Real-time dynamic projection mapping on deforming surfaces

As a technical feat this is incredible! Being able to track and map these deforming surfaces in real time isn’t a small task. The kinect-like array used for the tracking are massive and would require a controlled environment to be in.


Helicopter projected advertising in NY

As public ad space becomes limited companies look for innovative ways to display ads. This is a very contrived way that has plenty of limitations such as weather, time of day etc… But, it’s neat!


Real time face mapping + projection

This is some accurate projection mapping happening in real time. I wonder if it can automatically adjust to any person’s features and actively remap the creative. Don’t look straight into the beam!


3D live tattoo maping

We’ve seen cars, buildings, faces and so many other surfaces mapped with clever creative. This one takes the cake!


Tactile 3D interface

This hybrid of projection and 3d actuated square tubes could come in handy for visualization of data. I’m sure that there are many industries that could benefit from such an interface. Manufacturing, analytics, even banks. Imagine coming in to your branch and see your portfolio performance using this interface.


Moment factory’s Disruptive by Design campaign

Moment factory is one of the best project mapping shops in town. It’s incredible to see their interactive capabilities evolve as well. Take a look at 0:43 to see some excellent interactive meeting projection.

“roomalive” by microsoft

“roomalive” is a project from microsoft research that transforms any area into an immersive, augmented entertainment experience. the system enables receptive projection mapping experiences that dynamically adapts content to any space. this means that users can interact with virtual objects that seamlessly co-exists with the physical environment.

Disney-fy your cake

Disney has launched projection mapping as part of their Wishes Collection Wedding package available at Walt Disney World. Brides and Grooms can now customize their wedding cake to have animations from their favorite Disney movies projected onto the fondant surface of their wedding cakes. As if weddings weren’t expensive enough these packages start at $12,000!