Mazda’s pixel board for Rogers Cup

Mazda’s sponsorship of Rogers Cup allowed online visitors to create  mosaics online:

Chosen designs were exhibited at the Rogers Cup event and granted free tickets to the creators.

Too bad the the mosaic display wasn’t automated. Would of been so much cooler!


Yawning is contagious

Yawning is contagious and this this coffee ad makes this simple concept to deliver the message.

Honda #FitWhatever Funnel

This October Grip Advertising did a neat Outdoor Digital Signage piece for the New Honda Fit

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AR Campaign – Into the Storm

This campaign is similar to the earlier AR campaign done for PepsiMAX. To advertise the newly released film Into the Storm, DOOH company Grand Visual retrofitted an outdoor transit shelter and used AR technology to put pedestrians in the middle of a tornado.

“The dramatic AR campaign used a 64” plasma screen to put visitors to a busy downtown Sydney street in the middle of a tornado. Blending live video footage of the street with motion graphics we created a seamless augmented reality execution that gave shoppers and passers-by a visceral, and memorable, experience.”