Rampage AR app

Warner Bros. has recently launched an AR app to promote their upcoming theatrical release of ‘Rampage’ starring Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson. The AR app allows users to see their cities torn apart by a virtual genetically modified giant Gorilla and share on social media using the #RampageMonstersUnleashedContest hashtag.


Google AI image recognition makes music

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Burger King’s Facebook messenger AI

This is how many different brands will be engaging their consumers in the near future. It looks really simple and natural. Using Google’s or Apple’s voice recognition could make this ever so simple. Rogers is using Facebook messenger as well but I’m not sure if it’s based on AI or live human interaction.


300 Google Androids sing Ludwig van Beethoven

Not sure that these are actually synched but it’s 300 mobile devices running Android all in one place. It would of been so much cooler to just have 300 people with their phones and an app that is synched to perform this. Just saying…

Freeform 3D drawings possible with project Tango

Sure you could do this in any 3D software but how cool is this???!

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Moscow gives free e-books in the subway (a.k.a nuclear bus shelters)

Commuters in Moscow can use their mobile devices to scan QR codes and download free Russian classics in e-book format. I guess the bigger part of the story is that the subway stations have WiFi!

Read the full story here.

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Carlsberg introduces Beer Time 2.0

Bars serving Carlsberg receive a dongle of sorts that turns their TV into a digital sign which counts down to a specific Happy Time at which the beer is sold at 1/2 price. Patrons of the bar can use a special hashtag to to extend the countdown and enjoy the cheaper beer.  This sounds like major smoke and mirrors. The dongle would have to have internet, power, HDMI unique hashtags generated per bar and HDMI. It was probably a stunts that took place at one bar and was filmed. Neat idea.


Amazon Flow – image recognition purchase app

This app from Amazon allows you to point your phone at a book (at a book store) and order it from the online Amazon store. Say “Bye” to the mom-and-pop shops. Will there be a day when pulling your phone in a store is illegal? Are electronics, drugs stores or wait – any other stores next?


Advertisers “know” who you are using your smartphone’s accelerometer

There is yet another way or yet another hack to track anonymous users on smartphones. A security researcher by the name of Hristo Bojinov has discovered that each accelerometer in a smartphone has a unique fingerprint. There is a more precise tech explanation that you can explore here.

Specialized code running in the smartphone browser can access this unique fingerprint and remember you.

I hope you’re not paranoid…


McDonalds has NFC enabled app for kids

This is a cute execution for those that have NFC chips in their phones and trust their kids with the $600 devices. No iPhone users allowed, at least yet. The demo is missing a crucial step. You must download the app to use it with the table. I also wonder what happens to people who sit at this table and place their phones not suspecting that there are NFC tags embedded… There is a “how it was made” about half way through the video.