TD bank promotes this ATM location in style

Stare down strangers for a KitKat

We’ve seen kiosks that have to be stared down.  We’ve also seen 2 way video communications via kiosks. This execution effectively combines both and brings a great entertainment value to passersby.

Way finding done right

Art of Context executed a great project where you scan your boarding pass at the airport to see where your gate is. It’s so simple but you can imagine the complexity of interfacing with the airport’s system in real-time…

UBER Breathalyzer Kiosk

It’s after midnight on King Street West in Downtown Toronto – a guarantee that you’ll run into a bunch of people who’ve had way too much to drink and who should not be driving. UBER to the rescue! Setting up a breathalyzer kiosk that analyzes your alcohol level and summons an UBER car if you blow over the limit.

MTO interactive subway directory, with advertising

New York is about to get interactive kiosks installed all over their subway system. Aside from real-time service updates, they kiosks will be used as way finders and geo-targeted advertising displays.