MEMOMI’S digital augmented reality mirror

This digital mirror captures the shopper and allows and on the fly modification of outfit colours. That’s a pretty difficult thing to do on the fly. Amongst other features is the ability to compare outfit A vs B and send the video to the mobile.

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Voice activated movie trivia

We’ve prototyped a viable way to create voice controlled applications for digital signs. This example isn’t hardened for prime time but shows the potential. We are using a Windows based OS with Unity’s voice recognition.


Gesture controlled video wall for a good cause

Kinesis Studios from San Fran is known to create whimsical and impressive experiences. This one is no different. There is fairly precise motion tracking, real world physics, 3D characters and so much more.

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Google Tango can see in 3D

This phone has similar sensors as the Xbox Kinect, which allow it to “see” the world in 3D. The combination of the phone’s sensors (gyroscopes and accelerometers) with the 3D sensor could create some powerful application. It could be great to combine one with the Oculus Rift! Oddly enough, the stacked lens array makes it look similar to the HTC one 2.

Work comes first – interactive wall

This is a wall built using many solenoids and parts that could be found in a typical hardware store. The motion of the solenoids is controlled by input from a 3D sensor like the Xbox Kinect.


Control balls with magic!

To promote the Quebec Magic Festival, a bus shelter was retrofitted with a variable speed fan which takes input from sensors (kinect?). The person in front of the installation can use their hands to control the hight of the balls, making it look like a magic trick! Simple and fun!


Interactive water projection

Using gadgets in the bath tubs is tricky and not to mention, dangerous. This video shows a concept which is using bath water (thick with soap) as a projection and interaction surface. Waterproof speakers with LED lights are used to generate feedback and ripple the water at strategic places. I wonder if they figured out how to avoid pruney fingers?

Fracture IO is a 3D photo booth

What do you get when you combine 4 kinects, OpenFrameworks and Unity? A 3D photo booth of course! Unity allows you to package the very surreal outcome to a device of your choice.

First Music Video made with Kinect

Italian music video made with Kinect!

The video image is generated by connecting a simple camera to a computer, which is also connected to a Kinect. The computer receives the two data—the two-dimensional image of the camera and data concerning spaces and dimensions generated by the Kinect. These two components, combined through a software program, create a virtual space in which could move around in a second moment.