Way finding done right

Art of Context executed a great project where you scan your boarding pass at the airport to see where your gate is. It’s so simple but you can imagine the complexity of interfacing with the airport’s system in real-time…


MEMOMI’S digital augmented reality mirror

This digital mirror captures the shopper and allows and on the fly modification of outfit colours. That’s a pretty difficult thing to do on the fly. Amongst other features is the ability to compare outfit A vs B and send the video to the mobile.


Disney’s sand design maker robot

Disney created a very precise robot that allows the creation of vast sand designs. It could be used for advertising purposes or entertainment.


EBay’s connected store

This is the first connected store for the online auction giant.  Huge touch screen interactive mirrors allow shoppers to create customized lists of items for the dressing room that they can try as well as discover promotions, social media etc… Once the items are ready in the dressing room, the shopper gets a text message. The dressing room is using a long range RFID to track the items in the room. This feature helps customizing the shopping experience and help finding different sizes and colours for the store staff. There is the option to add the items to the user profile for future or checkout.

Dynamic Target Tracking Camera

This camera system can track very fast moving objects, keeping them in the center of the screen at all times. Currently under development by the Ishikawa Oku Lab. at the University of Tokyo, this latest version captures Full HD video and can be used outdoors.

Wavelike conveyor belt

Who thought that so much innovation could be applied to conveyor belts? This system allows moving round objects with high precision using wave-like surface. It involves machine vision for tracking.