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The more you sweat, the more you get

I love this simple yet effective execution! Great way to dispense coupons!

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Beautiful ambient lobby

There isn’t a ton of data available on this project which executed by ESI Design. On the surface the details are simple. LED video walls with beautiful creative respond to motion of people walking through the lobby.


Mazda’s pixel board for Rogers Cup

Mazda’s sponsorship of Rogers Cup allowed online visitors to create  mosaics online:

Chosen designs were exhibited at the Rogers Cup event and granted free tickets to the creators.

Too bad the the mosaic display wasn’t automated. Would of been so much cooler!


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Stare down strangers for a KitKat

We’ve seen kiosks that have to be stared down.  We’ve also seen 2 way video communications via kiosks. This execution effectively combines both and brings a great entertainment value to passersby.


Marco Tempest strikes again

Watch my favourite magician control an army of drones a.k.a. quad copters.

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Smart cars playing pong on a video screen

This is one is an oldie but a goodie! Simple execution that would probably never be allowed in North America due to all kinds of liabilities…

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60,000 LEDs make some magic

This VERY expensive installation is remarkable. The addressable LEDs are pre-configured into patters that can be controlled from visitors mobile phones.

More functional cardboard, now in the form of pizza boxes

Watch out Google cardboard! There is new cardboard in town!

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#lookingforyou appeals to the dog lovers

How cute! These various digital displays use proximity tracking to playback pre-recorded videos of man’s best friends.