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Coughing billboard

Great stunt which isn’t very sensitive to the smokers. I wonder if it’s also triggered by vapors from e-cigs?

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Stare down strangers for a KitKat

We’ve seen kiosks that have to be stared down.  We’ve also seen 2 way video communications via kiosks. This execution effectively combines both and brings a great entertainment value to passersby.

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Holographic print ad for Porsche

This is no different than a permanent product such as HoloCube but is WAY cooler!

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Kiosks save lives?

In 2013 a similar version of the kiosk was installed at the Dallas airport. A college student was able to rescue a fellow student who was struck by lighting, days after learning how to perform no hands CPR using the airport kiosk. A new spin on the kiosk makes it more entertaining/effective. The new kiosks will roll out to 3 additional airports around the US. Kiosks can save lives.

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Smart cars playing pong on a video screen

This is one is an oldie but a goodie! Simple execution that would probably never be allowed in North America due to all kinds of liabilities…


MINI encourages you to skip it’s pre-roll ad

Everyone wants to skip the 5 second pre-roll and MINI takes advantage of that. How clever!


Netflix “Chill” button

Netfilx created DIY instructions for making a cloud connected button. The button can be programmed to control your home lights, order food and cue up Netflix of course. Looks like at the core of this whole thing is a Raspberry Pi. I like the fact that it’s running of a battery so it has to do some fancy power management!

Yawning is contagious

Yawning is contagious and this this coffee ad makes this simple concept to deliver the message.