Augmented reality is heading to the AGO

I wonder how the artists feel about the augmentation of their work?


Real-time projection face mapping

Brilliant. Same guys who created the 1k FPS mapping on T-Shirts out of Japan!

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Audi sandbox VR experience

This execution combines some products like this one: to create an incredible driving experience in VR.



Real-time dynamic projection mapping on deforming surfaces

As a technical feat this is incredible! Being able to track and map these deforming surfaces in real time isn’t a small task. The kinect-like array used for the tracking are massive and would require a controlled environment to be in.


The Lab by Verge and HP – digital art festival

This is a great collaboration of artists, designers, developers and musicians. It also helps to have some sponsor commissioned work by The Verge and HP. Check out the link below for individual installations.


GoPro Omni 360 video is impressive for under $10k

There are quite a few high end 360 video rigs out there now. High end also means over $15k in terms of commitment. The long awaited Omni rig’s 360 video is impressive at a 1/3 of the cost. It also comes with great software allowing you to edit the resulting 360 video.