Pico projector mounted onto a speaker makes for mesmerizing visuals

I love the simplicity of this installation. The audio with the visuals and the physical motion is a great way to tell the story of audio.

Mesmerizing drawing bot could be yours for $475 USD

If writing is your thing then you can get this robot to do it for you!


The Lab by Verge and HP – digital art festival

This is a great collaboration of artists, designers, developers and musicians. It also helps to have some sponsor commissioned work by The Verge and HP. Check out the link below for individual installations.

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60,000 LEDs make some magic

This VERY expensive installation is remarkable. The addressable LEDs are pre-configured into patters that can be controlled from visitors mobile phones.


The first 3D Printer Tattoo

A design school in Paris, called ENSCI les Ateliers, hosted a workshop organised by the French Ministry of culture that challenged participants to pick a digital material and remix it. One group decided to hack a desktop 3D printer and enable it to trace a real tattoo onto skin. Any volunteers?


Obama’s 3D printed speech

Obama’s speech has been translated into a beautiful, 3D printed valley of peaks and lows. Using a simple laser with a servo motor, the actual speech is played back in perfect sync as the laser travels over the physical voice print. Brilliant!


Microsoft Surface 2 Launch

What better way to launch the Microsoft Surface 2 than a party featuring Deadmau5 in Toronto? Microsoft chose to feature their Fresh Paint application at the event, providing an interactive experience which allowed users to share their artwork using the Surface 2 with partygoers via a 50ft projection at the venue.



Hal Lasko, the Pixel Painter

A common aphorism in design and art is that the last 10% of a work takes 90% of the project time, and is the most important to the product.

Despite a form of blindness which blurs the centre of his vision, Hal Lasko has been tending to a high level of detail for the last 15 years in his Pointillism-style art.

The level of realism achieved in ‘Looking Up’ is certainly impressive, comparable to Group of Seven works in my opinion. Even more interesting to me was the fact that all his works are created using MS Paint.

Fracture IO is a 3D photo booth

What do you get when you combine 4 kinects, OpenFrameworks and Unity? A 3D photo booth of course! Unity allows you to package the very surreal outcome to a device of your choice.

A million times

a kinetic clock installation.