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Coughing billboard


Great stunt which isn’t very sensitive to the smokers. I wonder if it’s also triggered by vapors from e-cigs?

Land Lines is beautiful

This beautiful application allows free form drawings to be matched with satellite images that have similar topography. Go machine vision!


Smart Mirror + IBM’s AI

Great way to tie and existent proven product with AI.

Mesmerizing drawing bot could be yours for $475 USD

If writing is your thing then you can get this robot to do it for you!

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Your 6 seconds of fame on a digital board

Good tie-in of in-house experiential with the big impressions of out door media.


Amazon’s Alexa meets the talking bass


What a great hack to bring AI in an unexpected way.


Netflix Stranger Things DIY door bell


I’d be curious to see how many people would actually built something like that but it’s a great idea!