Google Trend Visualizer – pretty HTML rendering of search results

This is a beautiful visualization that represents the hotest topics searched through google.  Tip: you can change the country that the search results are coming from on the lower left side.

Barley – edit your site as if it’s a word document

There are many CMS (content management system) out there and Barley is a new one with a slight twist. You don’t need to know any code at all.

Barley allows you to chose from a slew of predefined (designed and built) templates. The user can then edit and add the content right on the site. All you got to do is login to the site through a small login widget. The service will cost you $18/month which includes the hosting. Apparently it registers 1,000 companies on daily basis – that’s $18,000 a day! Mmmm, I love me some barley!

Check it:

The Peanut Gallery – talk to your browser

Google has a substantial amount of Chrome experiments. This one is really clever and fun. It uses your microphone and the Web Speech API to narrate a silent film. There are many black and white films to choose from. The Web Speech API was to recognize about 90% of what I was saying, which is huge given my accent!

Check it:


Peer-to-peer streaming video, now in your browser

&yet just announced a JavaScript framework called SimpleWebRTC.js, which allows users to create their own chat room with streaming video + audio.

Check out the demo

While it’s only currently listed as supported in the Chrome and Firefox “nightly” browsers (aka the version that geeks on the bleeding-edge install), it is conceivable that we’ll see support across browsers and on mobile devices in the near future.

The most impressive part of the framework, however, is its simplicity.

Setting up a proof of concept for something like – the demo page for SimpleWebRTC – is possible in about five minutes.

Potential applications are limitless — imagine simplying proof of performance for digital signage, creating a web interface for a quadcopter, or live streaming a helmet cam.

Great usage or parallax on the Nintendo website

Parallax based websites appear to be all the rage this days. Here is a great piece done by Nintendo. Don’t forget to use your mouse wheel or your keyboard arrows to see the effect.