New Google Earth is stunning

It’s hard to believe that this fly-through is done in real-time in Google Earth. It’s even more difficult to believe that it’s all running through the browser.

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Control any pixel with anypixel.js

This code library is brought to you by Google and allows easy control of many real world “pixels”. These could be buttons, led lights etc. There are much older frameworks out there such as http://blinkenlights.net/ but this anypixel.js can be used by any web developer. The referenced hardware is also very easy to setup.

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Burger King’s Facebook messenger AI


This is how many different brands will be engaging their consumers in the near future. It looks really simple and natural. Using Google’s or Apple’s voice recognition could make this ever so simple. Rogers is using Facebook messenger as well but I’m not sure if it’s based on AI or live human interaction.

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Holographic print ad for Porsche


This is no different than a permanent product such as HoloCube but is WAY cooler!

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Music Lab is highly addictive

Make your way to https://musiclab.chromeexperiments.com/ and be ready to spend at least an hour making incredible tunes. Just make sure that you are using the Google Chrome browser. All the magic is possible using modern web audio and visual libraries.


MINI encourages you to skip it’s pre-roll ad

Everyone wants to skip the 5 second pre-roll and MINI takes advantage of that. How clever!

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Share a Coke Interactive

Coke recently built an extension to their Share a Coke campaign – when audience’s tweet #cokemyname an interactive billboard in Times Square will display their name and a string of interesting fun facts about that persons name for up to a few a minutes. A webcam has also been installed to take pictures of the billboard to send replies back to certain users.
Additionally a microsite has also been built to give audiences at home remote access to the fun. Take a look at the microsite Share A Coke Microsite

Ad week has more here: Send a Tweet to Coke’s Digital Billboard, and It’ll Tell You Fun Facts About Your Name

Geico – best pre-roll ad EVER.


I skip pre-roll ads and I’m sure you do too. I wonder if I was to skip this one if I were to stumble upon it organically?

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Google’s mixing video cube

Modern web is awesome. Check out this experiment showing video/audio/3D manipulation, all through your trustworthy, modern browser. Not sure if this works in IE.