A Day made of Glass

How far the technology of glass construction has come and where it might go…

Fracture IO is a 3D photo booth

What do you get when you combine 4 kinects, OpenFrameworks and Unity? A 3D photo booth of course! Unity allows you to package the very surreal outcome to a device of your choice.

How the Internet of Things Changes Everything

Interesting post in the Harvard Business Review on how the internet is evolving.

Also check out this short clip where Stefan Ferber,  Bosch Software Innovations’ evangelist for the Internet of Things explains this topic in visuals.

First Kinect, then LEAP, now Intel producing an Interactive Gesture Camera


In a sure sign that the market and demand for gesture and motion sensing technology is only going to increase, Intel has recently launched their version of an interactive, gesture sensing camera called the Creative Interactive Gesture Camera.


via Engadget http://www.engadget.com/2013/04/11/creative-interactive-gesture-camera-intel/

Form Follows Function

a collection of interactive experiences built in HTML5 and works beautifully whether you’re on a tablet or DT. a good inspiration for how design and technology work well to create a playful site.


Insights into Interactive Design

This is an 18 minute documentary by Bassett & Partners and Microsoft exploring how our lives have and will change in a connected world. It features interviews from designers from Twitter, Arduino, etc. Definately not a statement, but musings and thoughts about how UX affects our lives.

NikeFuel Station turns retail experience into a sport

Using the Microsoft Kinect to fully immerse consumers in a digital experience

The future of 3d motion sensing

The current Kinect device for depth and gesture detection is small, but the next generation code name ‘Capri’ will be small enough that it’ll be able to fit into tablets (and eventually smartphones).
This has huge ramifications for all types of advertising.

It will be second nature for consumers to interact with store displays and billboards thru simple gestures and or voice commands.



Leap Motion plans to bring the same motion sensing technology, with a focus on hand tracking, to the desktop and any screen in close proximity to the user.