Subway Symphony

Concept by James Murphy and Heineken to turn NYC subway turnstile beeps into music.

Parking assist taken to a new level

Irresistible experiment

To celebrate the launch of a new TV channel Drama they left a life-size chocolate sculpture  in a busy shopping mall.

#TopTrends by Twitter UK

Twitter, Ocean Outdoor and TopShop joined forces to create an amazing example of “smart” technology during London’s Fashion week.

TopShop wanted to make Londons Fashion Week’s #TopTrends accessible to everyone in real time. To do this, they found digital outdoor billboards that were no more than 10 minutes away from TopShop Stores and live-tweeted the latest looks, styles and trends on Twitter.

As word spread, the aggregated data from Twitter was used to display TopShop’s #TopTrend’s on the billboards nearby store locations.

Not only did the billboard pull in real-time #TopTrends, but the billboards were programmed individually to take into account their location, weather and time-data to increase relevancy to consumers. For example, if it was raining in Dublin at night, it would pull in a #TopTrend look suitable for that situation.

Here’s another case-study video: #TopTrends Case Study

Mercedes Benz virtual graffiti

Xenium Digital out of India created this engaging projection installation. I always wanted to execute something along this line! This approach is so versatile and lends itself to just about any product. The main issue as with any projection execution is that it has to be in a controlled environment, to combat ambient light.

Pictionary interactive stunt

They guys at Wondermakr did an excellent job creating this stunt. They’ve built a mall unit that resembled a way-finder and had a live actor interacting with patrons through a video link.

Holographic video- the Holodeck has arrived!

Leading up to Siggraph 2014 Vancouver based Otoy demos their content creation pipeline for creating true holographic video.

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Powered by TouchDesigner

Ukraine based FrontPictures transformed a 1400 m2 gallery in a shopping center into a multimedia art space using 55 projectors and TouchDesigner software.

e-paper ads in the store and at the POS

e-paper in my opinion was one of the reasons that finally made e-books popular – think Amazon Kindle. It’s easy on the eyes and consumes the smallest amounts of power. It’s interesting to see the product slowly making it’s way into the world of advertising. Too bad that the colour version isn’t available at a big size.