Smelovision is here!

This is either the worst idea ever or the best idea ever. Adding an extra level of immersion is always a good idea but to what extent? How many gadgets does it take to strapped to a face to call it.


Your future living room may be a Holodeck, thanks to Amazon (and Microsoft)

On Dec. 1 Amazon filed a patent for a system using a combination of depth sensing and projection mapping.

Unsure yet how this differs from Microsoft's immersive display experience (Illumiroom) patented a few years back but the future for augmented reality looks very bright indeed.
More information in this article in the International Business Times

Link to actual patent here

Screenless laser display

A team of researchers from Japanese firm Aerial Burton have showed off focused pulse lasers with the ability to project a 3-D display in mid-air, even during daylight. Unlike other holographic projectors we’ve seen, it doesn’t require fog or steam to display the image and can be displayed using just air as the medium.

more info here