Genius is a twitter powered draw-bot


This is a cute idea that has a robot drawing tweets on the chalkboard. With that said it makes very little sense to wait for the robot to complete it’s masterpiece. Imagine if there are even 3 people in the cue and it takes 5 minutes to complete each drawing. Great idea but not practical.

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Audi sandbox VR experience

This execution combines some products like this one: http://www.fourthwall.ca/2014/04/augmented-reality-sandbox-with-real-time-water-flow-simulation/ to create an incredible driving experience in VR.



Ford speedbooth

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Coughing billboard


Great stunt which isn’t very sensitive to the smokers. I wonder if it’s also triggered by vapors from e-cigs?


Smart Mirror + IBM’s AI

Great way to tie and existent proven product with AI.

Mesmerizing drawing bot could be yours for $475 USD

If writing is your thing then you can get this robot to do it for you!

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Your 6 seconds of fame on a digital board

Good tie-in of in-house experiential with the big impressions of out door media.


Amazon’s Alexa meets the talking bass


What a great hack to bring AI in an unexpected way.