Coca Cola – the ice floes are melting

Ice floes, polar bears and Coca Cola? Sounds familiar right? I saw this campaign at the Toronto Eaton Centre today. The bear is standing on a sheet of ice that will melt unless you soash (short for all the social media bucket) a custom message, predefined message or a video. It brings urgency to environmental issues and has a well crafted digital extension. I like it!


Submergence lights – motion sensing light installation

Massive light installations are nothing new but this one is somewhat unique. The user is being tracked through the installation, augmenting the pattern of the lights.

Check out the link: http://vimeo.com/57412634


Samsung Flexes its muscles



Samsung demonstrated a new flexible OLED display at CES 2013. This impressive screen is thin, pliable and can be bent without damage to the screen.

Go to 4:00 minute If you want to skip to the demo of the product.


Interactive jacket

This for now goes into the “vapor-ware” category. Wearable electronics have existed for a very long time but haven’t gained much popularity. This startup out of Brazil is trying to change that by creating a jacket with an array of sensors. Each sensor is unique and can control a custom computer program behavior.


Surface Windows 8 RT – quick review


Got this device about a month ago and had some time to use it both at home and at work.

I really like the Windows 8 operating system. I’ve been running it at home for the past 7 months but was using a mouse on my old laptop which hinders the experience. It is a much more pleasant experience to use it on a touch screen device like the Surface RT. Using the brand new Microsoft office applications on the device is great. There are 2 types of keyboard available for the device. One is flat while the other has raised keys (more traditional). Both are very slim.

The “RT” in “Surface RT” means that this is a potable device operating system, that can only run applications specially programmed for “RT”. It means that you can not use such a program as Quattro, as it was programmed to run on normal, non-“RT” computers. This is the biggest flaw of the device and for this reason I would not recommend buying it at this stage.

The full version of the Surface, which can run all the normally programmed applications, will be available in the next few months. The device will be double the price of the RT device.


– up to 8 house of battery life

– extremely portable

– using gestures to close, switch and position applications is powerful

– display quality is very sharp, even though it is not as crisp as the iPad

– has true multi-tasking (also is a con, read below)

– unlike a regular tablet, has a standard USB port, so you can plug and use your printer, camera, USB drive etc


– running power-hungry applications in the background could really slow the device

– you must use the raised keyboard, otherwise typing is difficult

– can’t run regular computer programs, has to run specially programmed RT programs