Best way-finding solution?

Breakfast out of NY has created an analog meets digital way-finding sign. The sign can physically point it’s 3 “hands” and display a location on a digital LED face, which is embedded into the “hands”. It has a touch pannel that allows the user to choose from a variety of near-by places of interest such as shopping or food. When not in use, it turns into digital signage, displaying dynamic info. It might not be the most accurate (comparing to GPS on a mobile) way of finding your destination but it sure is amazing! I wonder if the contrast can still be kept up during day time…


Proof of concept demonstrates gesture recognition using WiFi signals

Computer scientists at the University of Washington have developed a technology that, with 94% efficiency, can recognize and distinguish nine separate gestures including pushing, punching, and full-body bowling.

This is significant for a couple important reasons.

First, unlike Xbox Kinect to which most people will immediately draw a parallel, WiFi signals are not limited by line of sight and can travel through walls. A common misconception is that signal cannot travel through concrete; in fact, it’s the metal rebar that degrades the signal. The device can even track multiple individuals discretely using multiple antennae.

And second, the technological hurdle overcome in sensing a change in signal of this magnitude is significant – only a few hertz when the signal source is broadcast at 2.4 or 5 gigahertz.

Applications include activations in which visual displays respond to crowd numbers or crowd movement, or smart-home applications which turn appliances, lights, or heat on and off when you arrive and leave respectively, or when certain gestures are performed.

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Pepsi “Like” Machine

Something cool that TBWA Brussels created for a recent Pepsi Campaign

Instead of paying with money, customers were asked to pay with a simple “Like” of the Pepsi Facebook page. This vending machine only accepts “likes” and drives customers to the Pepsi Facebook page either on their mobile device or on the touch-screen interface.

Like the page, choose your favourite Pepsi product and voila! A free pepsi.

Watch the Like Machine in action here: Pepsi “Like” Machine

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Sigraph 2013 – future of 3D

Sigraph is one of the most revered conferences, happening once a year with heavy emphasis on all things 3D. Take a look at the reel below to see some remarkable advances in this field.

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How the Internet of Things Changes Everything

Interesting post in the Harvard Business Review on how the internet is evolving.

Also check out this short clip where Stefan Ferber,  Bosch Software Innovations’ evangelist for the Internet of Things explains this topic in visuals.


Becoming ‘Iron Man’

In preparation for the April 26 theatrical release of the highly anticipated ‘Iron Man 3’, Marvel UK launched the ‘Become Iron Man’ 3D experiential tour. The ‘Become Iron Man Experience’ incorporates motion-sensor technology, 3D and augmented reality to produce a truely unique experience of testing out the Iron Man armour for yourself.

Wavelike conveyor belt

Who thought that so much innovation could be applied to conveyor belts? This system allows moving round objects with high precision using wave-like surface. It involves machine vision for tracking.


MTO interactive subway directory, with advertising

New York is about to get interactive kiosks installed all over their subway system. Aside from real-time service updates, they kiosks will be used as way finders and geo-targeted advertising displays.

A million times

a kinetic clock installation.


2015 Volkswagon – best 3D projection mapping to date?

I LOVE the clever way in which the 2015 Golf is revealed at at the NY autoshow. The car was covered with projection friendly fabric and acted as a set piece for a video that took us through the history of the GOLF. I was not able to find who is behind this execution, but something tells me that it could be a major Canadian brand?