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Infamous second son kiosk will shock you

Surprise! This is another kiosk activation. The main character in the Infamous Second Son game shoots lightning and such from his hands. This kiosk wants to electrocute you for 5 seconds. It’s a bit of a loose angle to promote the game but it’s fun!

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TED’s Interactive Sculpture

If you’re not familiar with TED, it’s a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading ideas in the form of short powerful talks. This year’s conference in Vancouver, featured a large outdoor sculpture which was a collaboration between sculptor Janet Echelman and data artist Aaron Koblin. At night, people were able to interact with the sculpture using their phones to draw lines, webs, water drops, squiggles etc… onto the sculpture.

The data artist Aaron Koblin described the way it works in the article:

“The lighting on the sculpture is actually a giant website,” Koblin says. “It’s one huge Google Chrome window spread across five HD projectors. The content is being rendered in WebGL. It uses Javascript and shaders to render particles and sprites based on user motion, which is transmitted from mobile browser to our rendering browser via websockets. There are a lot of moving pieces here, from the local area network to the server (written in Go), to the sound system (also running in Chrome with Web Audio API) all the way through the LED light control system, which pulls pixel data directly from the browser.”

I highly recommend you read the entire article on the TED blog here & watch the video’s as well



Unbelievable Bus Shelter

Pepsi Max surprise commuters with an ‘unbelievable’ augmented reality experience at a bus shelter on New Oxford Street in London.

Cleveland Cavaliers 3D court projection

Another beautiful example of 3D projection done on a mass scale.  It was done by Quince Imaging. It’s refreshing to see that this one isn’t done by Moment Factory.

Check it here: http://www.5by.com/cool/posts/4NX/cleveland-cavaliers-pregame-3d-court-projection

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Be a team player with Duracell’s custom bus shelter – it will warm your hands

Our long cold winter is good for something. A custom bus shelter was setup in Montreal to promote Duracell’s new battery. By connecting the plus and the minus you can trigger the heating element installed above your head. The catch is that you can’t do it alone but have to use another person. Very cool!

Audi OOH optical illusion

Audi is using an outdoor board to show how our eyes can play tricks on us. This is done to promote Audi’s new hazard detection system. Wait till the end of the clip to see the actual ad. Simple and beautiful.


Duracell Moments of Warmth

Anyone interested in touching a strangers hands at a bus stop? Probably not. But the folks over at Duracell provided an incentive for strangers to join hands to initiate a heater within a bus shelter to provide some warmth in one of the coldest winters in history!


Ikea billoboard – display 3 different messages using RGB light

Simple is better! At least in the case of this special board designed for Ikea. Red, green and blue bulbs when triggered, show a different message on the board. The downfall? The effect can’t work in the daytime.

DHL “punks” competitors

DHL recently executed an advertising campaign intended to communicate their superior speed leveraging “more locations, more vehicles, and more employees.”

The campaign leveraged their competitors, giant packages, and thermo-active foil cooled below freezing. At -4C the large boxes looked black, but above zero the boxes, well… see the hilarious results for yourself!


Subway digital poster affected by train’s wind

A very clever execution. A micro-controller attached to a media player is triggered by the wind of the incoming train. The trigger plays back a pre-produced animation that reflects the wind’s effect on the hair. Simple and elegant. Vitalie, thanks for the find!