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House of Mamba – LED Basketball Court

Nike has created the first full-size LED basketball court in Shanghai for training with Kobe Bryant. The court features motion-tracking and built in reactive LED visualization technology. This is part of the Nike RISE campaign, which is having Kobe Bryant help teach his moves to young players in Shanghai.

“The court can lay out sets of moves for individual people, create drills based on Bryant’s training programme that are adapted for the court, and respond to mistakes as well as display performance stats.”

Full article can be found here adafruit: Nike creates first full-size LED basketball court in Shanghai for training with Kobe Bryant

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Dove “When You’re Smiling”

Simple yet effective installation that was done for a recent Dove campaign at an awards show.

People stood in front of a “magic mirror” and were prompted with the trigger “When did you last smile to yourself in the mirror?”. The concept of the campaign is beauty is simply your own reflection in the mirror. Users had their picture captured & printed only when their smile was deemed BIG enough. Check out the video below


raspberry pi controlled video wall

The Raspi is cheap, cheerful and can even play HD video. The piwall project uses Raspi’s as video wall players and controllers, allowing custom video screen tiling. This would of been and amazing and cheap video wall solution if it wasn’t for the Raspi eating it’s SD cards… Maybe it will be better with model B?

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AUDI shipping container scoreboard illuminates with A8 headlights

AUDI has built a giant scoreboard showcasing World Cup 2014 scores made from 28 Audi A8 models and 45 shipping containers. The digital clusters that display numerals on the 40-foot digital installation are made up entirely from the LED headlights of the featured vehicles. Visible from miles away, it posts throughout the four-week installation, broadcasting the match results live.


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Beck’s playable outdoor poster

This execution took place in New Zealand to align Beck’s beer with the New Zealand Music Month. The poster is using conductive ink and basic microprocessors to get the feedback from the user. It has a small built in speaker which is attached to the actual printed material which turns the static material into an active speaker. I would be curious to know how long did the battery last for?

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Facial Recognition Kiosk on Quebec campuses

In order for the Quebec government to get their message across, the Commission on Health and Safety at Work (CSST) teamed up with Brad agency, Zoom Media and software development company Parabole to build interactive kiosks with built in facial recognition technology.

How it works:
Students approach the kiosk with a picture of an injured person in a hospital bed, while students are in front of unit, the kiosk scans the students face, capturing a photo when they blinked their eyes. “The terminal then adjusted the user’s facial dimensions and corrected for the lighting while superimposing wounds onto the image of their face before displaying it back at the viewer.”. Users photos were displayed with a message “It doesn’t just happen to others”, along with messages to ask about work safety and a prompt to have viewers visit a website for a chance to win $500.

This campaign lasted for 4 weeks in Quebec and was supported nationally with a static campaign. It has wrapped up just as students are about to being summer holidays and head to work.

Zoom Media says although this is a custom build kiosk, this is a flexible platform and can be tailored to other brand messages, “The only thing you need is a plug”.

Full article in Strategy magazine can be found here: OOH with facial recognition tours Quebec campuses

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Digital Dreams RFID wristbands

This year Canada’s largest electronic music festival, Digital Dreams, is making use of the latest RFID wristband technology.
The RFID wristbands will act as an all-access pass: not only allowing consumers access to the grounds, but also functioning as a fully cashless payment system.

Upon receiving their wristband in the mail, festival-goers will be directed to register their account and “load” credit onto the wristband, either online or at a top-up station at the festival. Users can pay with cash, credit or debit and purchase anything at the festival with the tap of their wristband.

Seeing as this is the first fully-cashless event in Canada, we’ll see if this trend catches on


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Punch this TSA to get the point (no, we don’t condone vandalism)

This is old but it’s the first time that I see this stunt. To prove how tough the EVOC backpack is, a team of engineers mounted the rugged backpack onto a face of a TSA. Pedestrians had a chance to take their best punch at the bag and see the force that the’ve applied on the TSA digital readout. It’s not the safest stunt but is innovative!


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Game of Thrones stunt wants you to kill the king

This is a very elaborate stunt that promotes the new season of the Game of Thrones. Using Twitter and a unique hashtag, participants are able to tighten the rope around King Joffrey’s statue and bring him down from the pedestal. I hope that no one is around when it falls…

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Carlsberg introduces Beer Time 2.0

Bars serving Carlsberg receive a dongle of sorts that turns their TV into a digital sign which counts down to a specific Happy Time at which the beer is sold at 1/2 price. Patrons of the bar can use a special hashtag to to extend the countdown and enjoy the cheaper beer.  This sounds like major smoke and mirrors. The dongle would have to have internet, power, HDMI unique hashtags generated per bar and HDMI. It was probably a stunts that took place at one bar and was filmed. Neat idea.