Carlsberg makes the best poster in the world

This will never fly in Canada, at least without some intense supervision from a brand ambassador team. None the less, this is a neat way to dispense beer!

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S6 curved LED lineup

In anticipation of the release of the Samsung S6, Cheil and Wright XM created a massive LED wall. One the wall, selfies were used to represent people cued up to get their hands on the phone.

See a short video here.

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UBER Breathalyzer Kiosk

It’s after midnight on King Street West in Downtown Toronto – a guarantee that you’ll run into a bunch of people who’ve had way too much to drink and who should not be driving. UBER to the rescue! Setting up a breathalyzer kiosk that analyzes your alcohol level and summons an UBER car if you blow over the limit.


Charity Arcade in Swedish Airports

Swedish agency åkestam.holst turned the charity boxes in airports into charity arcades.






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DSE 2015 show floor summary

Bigger, better and brighter screens (LCD, LED). Smaller media players. My 6 year old prediction of Google getting heavy into digital signage coming true. Not a whole lot of interactive (duh, it’s DSE, not infocom). Great UI across many products.


google digital signs

google digital signs

Google is serious about their interactive digital signage platform. I got a chance to use their interactive, Chrome based apps and see the passive digital signage as well. Clean, easy, sharp — just as what you’d expect from Google. Oh and they know a thing or to about selling ads…

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#TopTrends by Twitter UK

Twitter, Ocean Outdoor and TopShop joined forces to create an amazing example of “smart” technology during London’s Fashion week.

TopShop wanted to make Londons Fashion Week’s #TopTrends accessible to everyone in real time. To do this, they found digital outdoor billboards that were no more than 10 minutes away from TopShop Stores and live-tweeted the latest looks, styles and trends on Twitter.

As word spread, the aggregated data from Twitter was used to display TopShop’s #TopTrend’s on the billboards nearby store locations.

Not only did the billboard pull in real-time #TopTrends, but the billboards were programmed individually to take into account their location, weather and time-data to increase relevancy to consumers. For example, if it was raining in Dublin at night, it would pull in a #TopTrend look suitable for that situation.

Here’s another case-study video: #TopTrends Case Study

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Women’s Aid uses Facial Recognition Technology

Brilliant campaign done for Women’s Aid in the UK to coincide with Internal Women’s Day!

Agency WCRS, Women’s Aid and Ocean Outdoor built a billboard campaign that interacts with passers-by; using facial recognition technology, the billboard adjusts based on how many people are looking at the screen.

The premise: A woman’s battered face slowly starts to ‘heal’ itself based on the amount of people looking at the billboard.
Passers-by watch how their action (ie. looking at the screen) impacts the image changing. There is also a live-feed at the bottom of the screen, capturing the faces of those who chose to watch the billboard. Following this, everyone in the proximity of the billboard received a message via Weve encouraging them to donate to Women’s Aid.

Check out the case-study video here: Facial recognition technology used to fight domestic violence

Here’s a video of how the actual ad played when live Women’s Aid and Ocean Amplify the Violent Face of Abuse

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Augmented reality Porsche

Brilliant execution from Thinking box!

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Peel P50 Microcar Arrives at the Canadian International Auto Show

This year at the 2015 Toronto Auto Show, Ripleys Believe It Or Not has unveiled the world’s smallest car; “You have to get your right knee all the way in there [to the other side of the car] or else you’ll never get in” (Tim Parker, general manager of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Niagara Falls)

It is a 24 volt propulsion system that runs on only 4 batteries and reach up to 45 mph (65km/h); for the unveiling Ripley’s has installed only 2 batteries which allows for the car to reach 15 mph (24 km/h)

Watch a video of the P50 touring Ripley’s Aquarium: Peel P50 Microcar

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Disney’s sand design maker robot

Disney created a very precise robot that allows the creation of vast sand designs. It could be used for advertising purposes or entertainment.