This billboard is made with real honey

This is a great stunt made by Cheerios to convey that they use real honey in the product. Nicely done!


3D live tattoo maping

We’ve seen cars, buildings, faces and so many other surfaces mapped with clever creative. This one takes the cake!

Hollard Insurance wrapped bus shelters

This campaign was executed in Capetown. It’s a great use of space to convey the message for the insurance company.

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Artificial intelligence ads evolve just like organizms do

This proof of concept takes programatic ads to a new level. Imagine an ad that adjusts it’s creative automatically based on the interest (or the lack of), the environment etc… Brilliant. See the video and read more below:

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Share a Coke Interactive

Coke recently built an extension to their Share a Coke campaign – when audience’s tweet #cokemyname an interactive billboard in Times Square will display their name and a string of interesting fun facts about that persons name for up to a few a minutes. A webcam has also been installed to take pictures of the billboard to send replies back to certain users.
Additionally a microsite has also been built to give audiences at home remote access to the fun. Take a look at the microsite Share A Coke Microsite

Ad week has more here: Send a Tweet to Coke’s Digital Billboard, and It’ll Tell You Fun Facts About Your Name

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Augmented reality done right

Guess what? We can do it on our video walls too!

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Making you sweat

Gatorade installed vending machines all across Toronto equipped with sensors that would establish whether users had “sweat” enough, by placing their palm onto the unit, to deserve a free Gatorade which it would then dispense. If the “reading” wasn’t high enough, it would suggest the user do more (burpees, jumping jacks, etc.) to work up a sweat and to try again. This was apart of Gatorade Canada’s #keepsweating campaign on social media. Not even a machine could make me do burpees.

Yawning is contagious

Yawning is contagious and this this coffee ad makes this simple concept to deliver the message.

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#lookingforyou appeals to the dog lovers

How cute! These various digital displays use proximity tracking to playback pre-recorded videos of man’s best friends.