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Control any pixel with anypixel.js

This code library is brought to you by Google and allows easy control of many real world “pixels”. These could be buttons, led lights etc. There are much older frameworks out there such as http://blinkenlights.net/ but this anypixel.js can be used by any web developer. The referenced hardware is also very easy to setup.

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Stare down strangers for a KitKat


We’ve seen kiosks that have to be stared down.  We’ve also seen 2 way video communications via kiosks. This execution effectively combines both and brings a great entertainment value to passersby.

2 structures are hidden in this installation

This isn’t digital and it doesn’t need to be. Very effective and simple. This is a great idea for an application; embed different sculptures and produce a single, multi-angle installation.


Billboard that kills Zika mosquitoes

I wonder if it really works? How does it only attract mosquitoes that carry Zika?


Volvo will steal your car’s energy

I wonder how did they do the vehicle recognition? How long did it take to negotiate with the authorities to install this on a section of a highway???


DSE winning projects

Head here to check out the winning projects from this year’s DSE!

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Kiosks save lives?

In 2013 a similar version of the kiosk was installed at the Dallas airport. A college student was able to rescue a fellow student who was struck by lighting, days after learning how to perform no hands CPR using the airport kiosk. A new spin on the kiosk makes it more entertaining/effective. The new kiosks will roll out to 3 additional airports around the US. Kiosks can save lives.

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Smart cars playing pong on a video screen

This is one is an oldie but a goodie! Simple execution that would probably never be allowed in North America due to all kinds of liabilities…

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Shaw The Magicians video wall

Check out this real-time smoke and particle effect that we did for Shaw’s new show! We are using Open Frameworks to draw it to the video wall. The lower right creative is also driven by Open Frameworks and is on a schedule which corresponds to the launch date and times of the show.