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The more you sweat, the more you get

I love this simple yet effective execution! Great way to dispense coupons!


Eink’s Dazzle installation is monochromatic beauty

Can’t wait until the product is available with RGB colours!


The Virtual Crash billboard

“A stunt that had impact, without impact.”

Samsung S8 is going places in the UK

Check out this simple yet effective campaign for the new Samsung S8. It’s a great way to showcase the device and highlight some of the treasured views that the country has to offer.

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Coughing billboard


Great stunt which isn’t very sensitive to the smokers. I wonder if it’s also triggered by vapors from e-cigs?

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Your 6 seconds of fame on a digital board

Good tie-in of in-house experiential with the big impressions of out door media.


Helicopter projected advertising in NY

As public ad space becomes limited companies look for innovative ways to display ads. This is a very contrived way that has plenty of limitations such as weather, time of day etc… But, it’s neat!