Meet Dorothy — Bluetooth custom button

You can use this tiny Bluetooth module to bail you from awkward dates or program it to do automated texts.

Women’s Aid uses Facial Recognition Technology

Brilliant campaign done for Women’s Aid in the UK to coincide with Internal Women’s Day!

Agency WCRS, Women’s Aid and Ocean Outdoor built a billboard campaign that interacts with passers-by; using facial recognition technology, the billboard adjusts based on how many people are looking at the screen.

The premise: A woman’s battered face slowly starts to ‘heal’ itself based on the amount of people looking at the billboard.
Passers-by watch how their action (ie. looking at the screen) impacts the image changing. There is also a live-feed at the bottom of the screen, capturing the faces of those who chose to watch the billboard. Following this, everyone in the proximity of the billboard received a message via Weve encouraging them to donate to Women’s Aid.

Check out the case-study video here: Facial recognition technology used to fight domestic violence

Here’s a video of how the actual ad played when live Women’s Aid and Ocean Amplify the Violent Face of Abuse

300 Google Androids sing Ludwig van Beethoven

Not sure that these are actually synched but it’s 300 mobile devices running Android all in one place. It would of been so much cooler to just have 300 people with their phones and an app that is synched to perform this. Just saying…

Peel P50 Microcar Arrives at the Canadian International Auto Show

This year at the 2015 Toronto Auto Show, Ripleys Believe It Or Not has unveiled the world’s smallest car; “You have to get your right knee all the way in there [to the other side of the car] or else you’ll never get in” (Tim Parker, general manager of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Niagara Falls)

It is a 24 volt propulsion system that runs on only 4 batteries and reach up to 45 mph (65km/h); for the unveiling Ripley’s has installed only 2 batteries which allows for the car to reach 15 mph (24 km/h)

Watch a video of the P50 touring Ripley’s Aquarium: Peel P50 Microcar

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The Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Peel P50 Microcar Arrives at the Canadian International Auto Show

Moscow gives free e-books in the subway (a.k.a nuclear bus shelters)

Commuters in Moscow can use their mobile devices to scan QR codes and download free Russian classics in e-book format. I guess the bigger part of the story is that the subway stations have WiFi!

Read the full story here.

Estimote Stickers

Estimote Beacons and Stickers are small wireless sensors that you can attach to any location or object. They broadcast tiny radio signals which your smartphone can receive and interpret.

The beacons add layers of contextual intelligence to static locations such as stores, museums and airports, by broadcasting radio signals to display messages like coupons on customers’ smartphones.

The ‘stickers’ extend this context to the objects within those areas by containing accelerometers and temperature monitors to show data about its situation, motion and climate.

With the Estimote SDK, apps on your smartphone are able to understand their proximity to nearby locations and objects, recognizing their type, ownership, approximate location, temperature and motion.

Zealios sun screen campaign uses an overlooked sensor

This innovative mobile app gives you a sunscreen coupon, but only when you are outside, in the sun. How does it know that you are in the sun – by simply using your phone’s ambient light sensor.

iPhone 6 Saphire Glass

For all of those iPhone users who have had that OMG moment of smashing their screen, there might be hope yet for the new iPhone 6 which is rumored to have a Sapphire Crystal Display. A somewhat reassuring demo of its capacity to take a kicking without cracking!

Google’s mixing video cube

Modern web is awesome. Check out this experiment showing video/audio/3D manipulation, all through your trustworthy, modern browser. Not sure if this works in IE.

Smart Basketball

Wilson has presented its new app-enabled smart basketball. Expected to launch winter 2014, the basketball will feature performance-tracking sensors inside its core. The technology is being developed by Wilson in partnership AI company sportIQ, which will allow players to connect the ball with a smartphone app to use for tracking in-game data such as running distance, speed, heat maps, shooting accuracy through make or miss detection technology, automated shot recognition and shot distances. The intelligent system will also provide automated video overlays, allowing one to see the player controlling the basketball at the moment using cameras.