Rampage AR app

Warner Bros. has recently launched an AR app to promote their upcoming theatrical release of ‘Rampage’ starring Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson. The AR app allows users to see their cities torn apart by a virtual genetically modified giant Gorilla and share on social media using the #RampageMonstersUnleashedContest hashtag.


Augmented reality and real-time facial tracking mashup

Real world devices in control of your social habits

Practical applications: automation, secure communications and marketing. You could stand in a particular area with your phone and only when the physical conditions around you are correct, the app is unlocked for usage.

The more you sweat, the more you get

I love this simple yet effective execution! Great way to dispense coupons!

Augmented reality is heading to the AGO

I wonder how the artists feel about the augmentation of their work?

Bike + Google Earth helping people with Alzheimer’s

Hilarious stunt with a lot of potential

Imagine using this to help rehabilitate people or offer a new range of experience to people with disabilities?

Hacking a mechanical railroad station timetable make art

Flip dots. Can’t get enough of them!