RFID take on Tic-Tac-Toe

A&G came up with the idea this year to build a custom board game and integrate RFID readers and a WiFi-enabled Arduino Yún to encourage their staff to become more familiar with one another. In real time, employees were able to play games of tic-tac-toe or as they coined it “Pic-Tap-Toe” and get to learn a bit more about their fellow coworkers. Depending on who made the move, a picture from that person’s instagram and key information would be displayed.

Europe, it’s just next door

France’s national state-owned railway company (SNCF Railways) paired up with TBWA Paris in their recent campaign – “Europe, it’s just next door”. The campaign was brought to life with interactive doors, that when opened would transport the user to popular hot-spots all of Europe. Opening the door, reveals a full-bleed flat screen broadcasting live streams from all over Europe.

Microsoft Surface 2 Launch

What better way to launch the Microsoft Surface 2 than a party featuring Deadmau5 in Toronto? Microsoft chose to feature their Fresh Paint application at the event, providing an interactive experience which allowed users to share their artwork using the Surface 2 with partygoers via a 50ft projection at the venue.



Submarine emerges in Milan’s square


This is perhaps one of the most elaborate stunts I’ve ever seen. Well executed!

Projection Mapping

Very neat execution done by the design and engineering studio – Bot & Dolly. It’s the next level of projection mapping on moving surfaces.

MINI NOT NORMAL – a tribute to MINI owners using outdoor

Outdoor boards, digital and static were used to communicate with existing MINI owners and offer them special perks. The digital boards were used in conjunction with photoshop artists and photographers to create a realtime message tailored towards a specific MINI owner. Once again, only in Europe!

Our latest project … How many coffee-cups does it take to make a car??

Live at Churchill Station in Edmonton right now – take a picture of the car, guess how many cups were used to build it and upload to Twitter or Instagram with the hash-tag #yougetwhatyousavefor for a chance to win $5000!!!

Arc de Triomphe meets Tour De France with 3D projection

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a great 3d projection mapping execution. This is a great one and the mapped element couldn’t be better. It is refreshing to see that the creative is attempting to tell a story as oppose to simply showing a whole bunch of eye candy!

Thanks Peter for the submission!

LED Mini – Awesomest street illegal Mini!

This Mini Cooper is your own LED board! Sure it’s not street-legal but who cares?! Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to have a higher resolution, non animated, colour e-paper skin that could be changed on a whim?


Rain Room

Came across a really cool installation that was featured at the MoMA  this year (May 12-July 28th, 2013) and it’s called the “Rain Room”. It’s a humid, dark 1,000 square foot room, where water pours from the ceiling and the intention is for people to walk through the pouring rain. The catch? you will never get wet. There are 8 motion sensors installed above the room and sense when there is an object to avoid. This technology took 3 years to develop and the creators are keeping pretty hush-hush about the technology – still people get to interact and experience a simulated rain storm, all the while staying bone-dry.

Pretty neat – check out a video/full article here: Rain Room