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HaptoMime: Mid-Air Haptic Interaction with a Floating Virtual Screen

HaptoMime, a mid-air interaction system that allows users to touch a floating virtual screen with hands-free tactile feedback. Floating images formed by tailored light beams are inherently lacking in tactile feedback. Here we propose a method to superpose hands-free tactile feedback on such a floating image using ultrasound. By tracking a fingertip with an electronically […]

Solar Roadways!

Solar Roadways is a modular paving system of solar panels that can withstand the heaviest of trucks (250,000 pounds). These Solar Road Panels can be installed on roads, parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, bike paths, playgrounds… literally any surface under the sun. They pay for themselves primarily through the generation of electricity, which can power homes […]

Leap Motion – Skeletal Tracking

Version 2.0 of the Leap Motion API introduces a new skeletal tracking model – featuring additional information about hands and fingers. More robust hand tracking continues to provide data even when hands are partially occluded. https://developer.leapmotion.com/

Learn electronics and easily create custom circuit boards online

– virtual breadboard based design, allowing to build and experiment with circuits just as you would in real life– you can add an Arduino to your design, and edit the code right in your browser– real-time and interactive simulation of both your Arduino code and the circuit attached to it– full collaborative editing (think of […]