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Share a Coke Interactive

Coke recently built an extension to their Share a Coke campaign – when audience’s tweet #cokemyname an interactive billboard in Times Square will display their name and a string of interesting fun facts about that persons name for up to a few a minutes. A webcam has also been installed to take pictures of the […]

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#TopTrends by Twitter UK

Twitter, Ocean Outdoor and TopShop joined forces to create an amazing example of “smart” technology during London’s Fashion week. TopShop wanted to make Londons Fashion Week’s #TopTrends accessible to everyone in real time. To do this, they found digital outdoor billboards that were no more than 10 minutes away from TopShop Stores and live-tweeted the […]

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Women’s Aid uses Facial Recognition Technology

Brilliant campaign done for Women’s Aid in the UK to coincide with Internal Women’s Day! Agency WCRS, Women’s Aid and Ocean Outdoor built a billboard campaign that interacts with passers-by; using facial recognition technology, the billboard adjusts based on how many people are looking at the screen. The premise: A woman’s battered face slowly starts […]

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Live High Five

Dutch airline KLM recently did a out of home stunt connecting people in New York and Amsterdam. Through interactively videoconnecting people in each city, pedestrians were told to give each other a perfect “high-five”, the screen counts down and users are rated on their timing. If successful, they were each given round-trip tickets to New […]

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AR Campaign – Into the Storm

This campaign is similar to the earlier AR campaign done for PepsiMAX. To advertise the newly released film Into the Storm, DOOH company Grand Visual retrofitted an outdoor transit shelter and used AR technology to put pedestrians in the middle of a tornado. “The dramatic AR campaign used a 64” plasma screen to put visitors […]

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House of Mamba – LED Basketball Court

Nike has created the first full-size LED basketball court in Shanghai for training with Kobe Bryant. The court features motion-tracking and built in reactive LED visualization technology. This is part of the Nike RISE campaign, which is having Kobe Bryant help teach his moves to young players in Shanghai. “The court can lay out sets […]

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Dove “When You’re Smiling”

Simple yet effective installation that was done for a recent Dove campaign at an awards show. People stood in front of a “magic mirror” and were prompted with the trigger “When did you last smile to yourself in the mirror?”. The concept of the campaign is beauty is simply your own reflection in the mirror. […]

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Facial Recognition Kiosk on Quebec campuses

In order for the Quebec government to get their message across, the Commission on Health and Safety at Work (CSST) teamed up with Brad agency, Zoom Media and software development company Parabole to build interactive kiosks with built in facial recognition technology. How it works: Students approach the kiosk with a picture of an injured […]