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Your future living room may be a Holodeck, thanks to Amazon (and Microsoft)

On Dec. 1 Amazon filed a patent for a system using a combination of depth sensing and projection mapping. Unsure yet how this differs from Microsoft's immersive display experience (Illumiroom) patented a few years back but the future for augmented reality looks very bright indeed. More information in this article in the International Business Times […]

Powered by TouchDesigner

Ukraine based FrontPictures transformed a 1400 m2 gallery in a shopping center into a multimedia art space using 55 projectors and TouchDesigner software. Multimedia Renaissance by Front Pictures

The Future of Design is 3D

The Hybridlab, part of the Université de Montréal has developed a collaborative 3D sketching environment called Hyve-3D. It was launched at SIGGRAPH this year.

MindPong -using the power of the mind

“A two player game based on the iconic arcade game, Pong, but with one significant difference: it uses breakthrough electroencephalography (EEG) technology to read brain waves, replacing the need for handheld controls…. read more… http://www.oceanoutdoor.com/ocean-news/news/innovative-mindpong-game-gets-people-thinking-about-brain-tumours/