Your future living room may be a Holodeck, thanks to Amazon (and Microsoft)

On Dec. 1 Amazon filed a patent for a system using a combination of depth sensing and projection mapping.

Unsure yet how this differs from Microsoft's immersive display experience (Illumiroom) patented a few years back but the future for augmented reality looks very bright indeed.
More information in this article in the International Business Times

Link to actual patent here

Powered by TouchDesigner

Ukraine based FrontPictures transformed a 1400 m2 gallery in a shopping center into a multimedia art space using 55 projectors and TouchDesigner software.

MindPong -using the power of the mind

“A two player game based on the iconic arcade game, Pong, but with one significant difference: it uses breakthrough electroencephalography (EEG) technology to read brain waves, replacing the need for handheld controls….

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