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2015 Volkswagon – best 3D projection mapping to date?

I LOVE the clever way in which the 2015 Golf is revealed at at the NY autoshow. The car was covered with projection friendly fabric and acted as a set piece for a video that took us through the history of the GOLF. I was not able to find who is behind this execution, but something tells […]


The Peanut Gallery – talk to your browser

Google has a substantial amount of Chrome experiments. This one is really clever and fun. It uses your microphone and the Web Speech API to narrate a silent film. There are many black and white films to choose from. The Web Speech API was to recognize about 90% of what I was saying, which is huge given my […]

94Fifty – bluetooth basketball tracks your game play

As sensors become cheaper by the day, they make their way into almost all everyday objects. 94Fifty’s $200 basketball contains a whole bunch of sensors that can transmit your every dribble, spin and shot trajectory all over Bluetooth 4.0 to your mobile device. The basketball needs to be charged (that sounds so weird) wirelessly after 8 hours of […]

GAME GOLF – seamless golf tracker

Gadgets and gimmicks that make you a better golfer are a dime a dozen. GAME GOLF’s take on improving the the white-collar sport is different. The smart-phone sized device sits on your belt and tracks all your game essentials. It will come with a collection of sensors that you can attach to your clubs. Before every swing, a […]


OpenPool – track those balls!

OpenPool uses the kinect to track the position of every ball on the pool table. Through a projector,mounted above the table, the application can add effects to the balls and the table in real-time. It is open source, so there is a potential for a whole lot of themes. There are currently 3 demos online […]

Star Trek replicator is real – kind of…

Makerbot creators are working on the Makerbot Digitizer. It’s a 3D scanner that will allow you to scan a real world object, so you don’t have to create it from scratch. Just like 3D printers, 3D scanners have been around for at least a decade, but Makerbot will make it appealing to hobbyists. If I was […]

Fahrenheit 451 – clever book cover design

This is a brilliant sci-fi classic that depicts a world where books are illegal. Firemen set fires to books and sometimes people, who are caught with this illicit tree by product. A clever designer by the name of Elizabeth Perez has redesigned the cover to match the theme – literarily.


SpaceTop – getting closer to Minority Report

Transparent LCD screen is used in this setup to present a user interface, overlaying traditional input devices. I like this example because it could be applied well as a hands-on product demo, with an added value. Jim – thanks for the find! Go to the website to see the video and learn about the product. http://www.leejinha.com/spacetop

Beck Sound and Vision – 360 degree interactive concert

Beck has collaborated with Chris Milk to create an interactive video concert. There were 3 video cameras, capturing a 360 degree view of the concert. The beauty is that you can control the zoom and the pan of the cameras on demand. Don’t want to use your mouse to control the camera? No problem – use your head […]


Coca Cola – the ice floes are melting

Ice floes, polar bears and Coca Cola? Sounds familiar right? I saw this campaign at the Toronto Eaton Centre today. The bear is standing on a sheet of ice that will melt unless you soash (short for all the social media bucket) a custom message, predefined message or a video. It brings urgency to environmental issues and has […]