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Window as a speaker using our cochlea

Cochlea (not to be confused with Coachella) is our inner ear and people with hearing disabilities use cochlear implants to help them hear. Sky Go’s (broadcaster) campaign is relying on our cochleas to their advantage in an uncommon fashion. A small device attached to glass can send waves through it. Once you lean your head on […]


Adobe’s live photoshop bus stop stunt

Sometimes, going back to basics is the best way of creating a reaction. In order to promote Photoshop, Adobe retrofitted a bus stop with a digital screen, connected wirelessly to a computer in a van near by. The van contains 2 people: a photographer and a Photoshop artist. Candid photo of unsuspecting victims standing in the […]


Best way-finding solution?

Breakfast out of NY has created an analog meets digital way-finding sign. The sign can physically point it’s 3 “hands” and display a location on a digital LED face, which is embedded into the “hands”. It has a touch pannel that allows the user to choose from a variety of near-by places of interest such as […]

Barley – edit your site as if it’s a word document

There are many CMS (content management system) out there and Barley is a new one with a slight twist. You don’t need to know any code at all. Barley allows you to chose from a slew of predefined (designed and built) templates. The user can then edit and add the content right on the site. […]

Microsoft IllumiRoom – immersive interactive experience at home

It is undeniable that Microsoft got something VERY right – the Xbox with it’s Xbox Live eco-system. With the addition of the Kinect, Microsoft was able to show that they can also innovate in the game console market. The IllumiRoom system looks to be the next innovative piece of tech that will change interactive and make it […]

Wavelike conveyor belt

Who thought that so much innovation could be applied to conveyor belts? This system allows moving round objects with high precision using wave-like surface. It involves machine vision for tracking.