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Real-time 3D holopresence

My favourite feature is the ability to record and then miniaturize the playback, allowing the user to view events from many angles.

DHL “punks” competitors

DHL recently executed an advertising campaign intended to communicate their superior speed leveraging “more locations, more vehicles, and more employees.” The campaign leveraged their competitors, giant packages, and thermo-active foil cooled below freezing. At -4C the large boxes looked black, but above zero the boxes, well… see the hilarious results for yourself!

Hal Lasko, the Pixel Painter

A common aphorism in design and art is that the last 10% of a work takes 90% of the project time, and is the most important to the product. Despite a form of blindness which blurs the centre of his vision, Hal Lasko has been tending to a high level of detail for the last […]

Proof of concept demonstrates gesture recognition using WiFi signals

Computer scientists at the University of Washington have developed a technology that, with 94% efficiency, can recognize and distinguish nine separate gestures including pushing, punching, and full-body bowling. This is significant for a couple important reasons. First, unlike Xbox Kinect to which most people will immediately draw a parallel, WiFi signals are not limited by […]

Peer-to-peer streaming video, now in your browser

&yet just announced a JavaScript framework called SimpleWebRTC.js, which allows users to create their own chat room with streaming video + audio. Check out the demo While it’s only currently listed as supported in the Chrome and Firefox “nightly” browsers (aka the version that geeks on the bleeding-edge install), it is conceivable that we’ll see support […]