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Stare down strangers for a KitKat


We’ve seen kiosks that have to be stared down.  We’ve also seen 2 way video communications via kiosks. This execution effectively combines both and brings a great entertainment value to passersby.

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Burger King’s Facebook messenger AI


This is how many different brands will be engaging their consumers in the near future. It looks really simple and natural. Using Google’s or Apple’s voice recognition could make this ever so simple. Rogers is using Facebook messenger as well but I’m not sure if it’s based on AI or live human interaction.


This robot is safe to interact with kids

Disney’s R&D team created this great proof of concept. It reminds me of the Da Vinci robotic surgery but used for entertainment and probably at a 1/10000th of the cost.

2 structures are hidden in this installation

This isn’t digital and it doesn’t need to be. Very effective and simple. This is a great idea for an application; embed different sculptures and produce a single, multi-angle installation.


GoPro Omni 360 video is impressive for under $10k

There are quite a few high end 360 video rigs out there now. High end also means over $15k in terms of commitment. The long awaited Omni rig’s 360 video is impressive at a 1/3 of the cost. It also comes with great software allowing you to edit the resulting 360 video.


Sensors and Unity make a great match

This is SO cool! Sensors are very cheap and integrating them into software is very simple.

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HoloLens spatial mapping

If this demo is real then am I ever impressed. Getting, storing and plotting the depth information real-time with a $3k device is VERY neat.