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Holographic print ad for Porsche


This is no different than a permanent product such as HoloCube but is WAY cooler!


Real-time 3D holopresence

My favourite feature is the ability to record and then miniaturize the playback, allowing the user to view events from many angles.


Unity’s new real time render engine is INSANE!

This would of taken a couple of days per frame to render back in the day. Now all you need is a good video card…


DSE winning projects

Head here to check out the winning projects from this year’s DSE!


Way finding done right

Art of Context executed a great project where you scan your boarding pass at the airport to see where your gate is. It’s so simple but you can imagine the complexity of interfacing with the airport’s system in real-time…

Virtual reality on real roller coaster

Six Flags Introduces Virtual Reality Roller Coasters to 9 US Parks

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Music Lab is highly addictive

Make your way to https://musiclab.chromeexperiments.com/ and be ready to spend at least an hour making incredible tunes. Just make sure that you are using the Google Chrome browser. All the magic is possible using modern web audio and visual libraries.