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Kiosks save lives?

In 2013 a similar version of the kiosk was installed at the Dallas airport. A college student was able to rescue a fellow student who was struck by lighting, days after learning how to perform no hands CPR using the airport kiosk. A new spin on the kiosk makes it more entertaining/effective. The new kiosks will roll out to 3 additional airports around the US. Kiosks can save lives.


Real time face mapping + projection

This is some accurate projection mapping happening in real time. I wonder if it can automatically adjust to any person’s features and actively remap the creative. Don’t look straight into the beam!


Marco Tempest strikes again

Watch my favourite magician control an army of drones a.k.a. quad copters.


Augmented reality climbing is the funnest kind of climbing

Getting augmented reality to take climbing to the next level! I love this execution and just think about other sports that could make games/activities so much more fun!