3D live tattoo maping

We’ve seen cars, buildings, faces and so many other surfaces mapped with clever creative. This one takes the cake!

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60,000 LEDs make some magic

This VERY expensive installation is remarkable. The addressable LEDs are pre-configured into patters that can be controlled from visitors mobile phones.


Netflix “Chill” button

Netfilx created DIY instructions for making a cloud connected button. The button can be programmed to control your home lights, order food and cue up Netflix of course. Looks like at the core of this whole thing is a Raspberry Pi. I like the fact that it’s running of a battery so it has to do some fancy power management!


Disney takes augmented reality to a new level

Disney research team is known for some incredible executions and this one is no different. The team was able to create an augmented reality experience which traces in real-time the colouring of a 2D image and map it onto a 3D model. Aside from the colouring, the application is able to track the 2D image with deformation of the page.