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Meet Dorothy — Bluetooth custom button

You can use this tiny Bluetooth module to bail you from awkward dates or program it to do automated texts.

Carlsberg makes the best poster in the world

This will never fly in Canada, at least without some intense supervision from a brand ambassador team. None the less, this is a neat way to dispense beer!

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S6 curved LED lineup

In anticipation of the release of the Samsung S6, Cheil and Wright XM created a massive LED wall. One the wall, selfies were used to represent people cued up to get their hands on the phone.

See a short video here.

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UBER Breathalyzer Kiosk

It’s after midnight on King Street West in Downtown Toronto – a guarantee that you’ll run into a bunch of people who’ve had way too much to drink and who should not be driving. UBER to the rescue! Setting up a breathalyzer kiosk that analyzes your alcohol level and summons an UBER car if you blow over the limit.

Irresistible experiment

To celebrate the launch of a new TV channel Drama they left a life-size chocolate sculpture  in a busy shopping mall.


Tactile 3D interface

This hybrid of projection and 3d actuated square tubes could come in handy for visualization of data. I’m sure that there are many industries that could benefit from such an interface. Manufacturing, analytics, even banks. Imagine coming in to your branch and see your portfolio performance using this interface.


HaptoMime: Mid-Air Haptic Interaction with a Floating Virtual Screen

HaptoMime, a mid-air interaction system that allows users to touch a floating virtual screen with hands-free tactile feedback. Floating images formed by tailored light beams are inherently lacking in tactile feedback. Here we propose a method to superpose hands-free tactile feedback on such a floating image using ultrasound. By tracking a fingertip with an electronically steerable ultrasonic beam, the fingertip encounters a mechanical force consistent with the floating image. We demonstrate and characterize the proposed transmission scheme and discuss promising applications with an emphasis that it helps us ‘pantomime’ in mid-air.