Magic Leap’s smoke and mirror video is glorious

This is far too seamless to be true! I’m sure that one day it will not be an issue to do all the depth computations so seamlessly but for now I’d say that’s just smoke and mirrors. One must wonder how close Microsoft’s HoloLens is going to make this a reality at launch. Another thing to keep in mind is that Magic Leap has close to $500,000,000 from Google invested in the tech…

New Liquid 3D Printing System Is 25 Times Faster Than Its Competitors

Carbon3D has just unveiled a groundbreaking new 3D printing process which could revolutionize the industry. Their process is 25-100x’s faster than current technology.

The printer uses a transparent and oxygen-permeable window, which allows it to control the amount of oxygen and laser light incident on the liquid resin. Its makers claim that the printer offers such fine control over oxygen exposure that it it can be used to create spots that won’t be cured as small as tens of microns thick. Meanwhile, the laser can zip across the surface, curing spots that aren’t exposed to oxygen. You can see it in action below

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DSE 2015 show floor summary

Bigger, better and brighter screens (LCD, LED). Smaller media players. My 6 year old prediction of Google getting heavy into digital signage coming true. Not a whole lot of interactive (duh, it’s DSE, not infocom). Great UI across many products.


google digital signs

google digital signs

Google is serious about their interactive digital signage platform. I got a chance to use their interactive, Chrome based apps and see the passive digital signage as well. Clean, easy, sharp — just as what you’d expect from Google. Oh and they know a thing or to about selling ads…

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#TopTrends by Twitter UK

Twitter, Ocean Outdoor and TopShop joined forces to create an amazing example of “smart” technology during London’s Fashion week.

TopShop wanted to make Londons Fashion Week’s #TopTrends accessible to everyone in real time. To do this, they found digital outdoor billboards that were no more than 10 minutes away from TopShop Stores and live-tweeted the latest looks, styles and trends on Twitter.

As word spread, the aggregated data from Twitter was used to display TopShop’s #TopTrend’s on the billboards nearby store locations.

Not only did the billboard pull in real-time #TopTrends, but the billboards were programmed individually to take into account their location, weather and time-data to increase relevancy to consumers. For example, if it was raining in Dublin at night, it would pull in a #TopTrend look suitable for that situation.

Here’s another case-study video: #TopTrends Case Study

Geico – best pre-roll ad EVER.


I skip pre-roll ads and I’m sure you do too. I wonder if I was to skip this one if I were to stumble upon it organically?

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Women’s Aid uses Facial Recognition Technology

Brilliant campaign done for Women’s Aid in the UK to coincide with Internal Women’s Day!

Agency WCRS, Women’s Aid and Ocean Outdoor built a billboard campaign that interacts with passers-by; using facial recognition technology, the billboard adjusts based on how many people are looking at the screen.

The premise: A woman’s battered face slowly starts to ‘heal’ itself based on the amount of people looking at the billboard.
Passers-by watch how their action (ie. looking at the screen) impacts the image changing. There is also a live-feed at the bottom of the screen, capturing the faces of those who chose to watch the billboard. Following this, everyone in the proximity of the billboard received a message via Weve encouraging them to donate to Women’s Aid.

Check out the case-study video here: Facial recognition technology used to fight domestic violence

Here’s a video of how the actual ad played when live Women’s Aid and Ocean Amplify the Violent Face of Abuse