Honda #FitWhatever Funnel

This October Grip Advertising did a neat Outdoor Digital Signage piece for the New Honda Fit


Another vending machine, with a twist.

Taxi Toronto has pushed the envelope in the interactive vending machine game. Check out the video! Cheeky!

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Moscow gives free e-books in the subway (a.k.a nuclear bus shelters)

Commuters in Moscow can use their mobile devices to scan QR codes and download free Russian classics in e-book format. I guess the bigger part of the story is that the subway stations have WiFi!

Read the full story here.


Samsung’s small business digital signage

Samsung has smart TVs that can be easily enabled to serve as digital signs. They include a web based application that allows you to customize the interfaces and content. Very simple to setup for someone who is somewhat tech-savvy.

Netflix makes outdoor GIFs

Netfilx’s foray into outdoor advertising is pretty simple yet effective. The company created many GIF-like videos based on their popular movies and shows. The GIFs would correspond in a “smart” way to real-time conditions such as weather etc… The abrupt nature of the GIF creative will surely disrupt many patrons.

Ford Explorer AR campaign

This is a simple and clean AR execution that’s tied to a news paper ad. The approach isn’t new as this has been executed numerous times with magazines but the creative approach is neat.

Pictionary interactive stunt

They guys at Wondermakr did an excellent job creating this stunt. They’ve built a mall unit that resembled a way-finder and had a live actor interacting with patrons through a video link.