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Voice activated movie trivia

We’ve prototyped a viable way to create voice controlled applications for digital signs. This example isn’t hardened for prime time but shows the potential. We are using a Windows based OS with Unity’s voice recognition.

“roomalive” by microsoft

“roomalive” is a project from microsoft research that transforms any area into an immersive, augmented entertainment experience. the system enables receptive projection mapping experiences that dynamically adapts content to any space. this means that users can interact with virtual objects that seamlessly co-exists with the physical environment.


Gesture controlled video wall for a good cause

Kinesis Studios from San Fran is known to create whimsical and impressive experiences. This one is no different. There is fairly precise motion tracking, real world physics, 3D characters and so much more.


Glenfiddich interactive experience

This is a seamless digital execution that tells the story of a beverage that’s maintained it’s traditions for many generations. I like the interactive “Microsoft surface” styled table that identifies the glass of scotch and gives you facts and taste notes.

View the video here (it’s private so can’t embed): http://vimeo.com/99010920

Disney-fy your cake

Disney has launched projection mapping as part of their Wishes Collection Wedding package available at Walt Disney World. Brides and Grooms can now customize their wedding cake to have animations from their favorite Disney movies projected onto the fondant surface of their wedding cakes. As if weddings weren’t expensive enough these packages start at $12,000!