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Zealios sun screen campaign uses an overlooked sensor

This innovative mobile app gives you a sunscreen coupon, but only when you are outside, in the sun. How does it know that you are in the sun – by simply using your phone’s ambient light sensor.


raspberry pi controlled video wall

The Raspi is cheap, cheerful and can even play HD video. The piwall project uses Raspi’s as video wall players and controllers, allowing custom video screen tiling. This would of been and amazing and cheap video wall solution if it wasn’t for the Raspi eating it’s SD cards… Maybe it will be better with model B?


Samsung’s interactive video walls coming to BestBuy

Samsung has created a stunning touch screen video wall that is currently installed in 2 Best Buys in the Chicago area. The software is driven with Cinder. Well done!


MindPong -using the power of the mind

“A two player game based on the iconic arcade game, Pong, but with one significant difference: it uses breakthrough electroencephalography (EEG) technology to read brain waves, replacing the need for handheld controls….

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iPhone 6 Saphire Glass

For all of those iPhone users who have had that OMG moment of smashing their screen, there might be hope yet for the new iPhone 6 which is rumored to have a Sapphire Crystal Display. A somewhat reassuring demo of its capacity to take a kicking without cracking!

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Google’s mixing video cube

Modern web is awesome. Check out this experiment showing video/audio/3D manipulation, all through your trustworthy, modern browser. Not sure if this works in IE.


Hyundai’s self driving, braking car commercial

OK, this isn’t really all too relevant but the commercial is too good! Check it out.

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AUDI shipping container scoreboard illuminates with A8 headlights

AUDI has built a giant scoreboard showcasing World Cup 2014 scores made from 28 Audi A8 models and 45 shipping containers. The digital clusters that display numerals on the 40-foot digital installation are made up entirely from the LED headlights of the featured vehicles. Visible from miles away, it posts throughout the four-week installation, broadcasting the match results live.