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Facial Recognition Kiosk on Quebec campuses

In order for the Quebec government to get their message across, the Commission on Health and Safety at Work (CSST) teamed up with Brad agency, Zoom Media and software development company Parabole to build interactive kiosks with built in facial recognition technology.

How it works:
Students approach the kiosk with a picture of an injured person in a hospital bed, while students are in front of unit, the kiosk scans the students face, capturing a photo when they blinked their eyes. “The terminal then adjusted the user’s facial dimensions and corrected for the lighting while superimposing wounds onto the image of their face before displaying it back at the viewer.”. Users photos were displayed with a message “It doesn’t just happen to others”, along with messages to ask about work safety and a prompt to have viewers visit a website for a chance to win $500.

This campaign lasted for 4 weeks in Quebec and was supported nationally with a static campaign. It has wrapped up just as students are about to being summer holidays and head to work.

Zoom Media says although this is a custom build kiosk, this is a flexible platform and can be tailored to other brand messages, “The only thing you need is a plug”.

Full article in Strategy magazine can be found here: OOH with facial recognition tours Quebec campuses