DHL “punks” competitors

DHL recently executed an advertising campaign intended to communicate their superior speed leveraging “more locations, more vehicles, and more employees.”

The campaign leveraged their competitors, giant packages, and thermo-active foil cooled below freezing. At -4C the large boxes looked black, but above zero the boxes, well… see the hilarious results for yourself!

Google Tango can see in 3D

This phone has similar sensors as the Xbox Kinect, which allow it to “see” the world in 3D. The combination of the phone’s sensors (gyroscopes and accelerometers) with the 3D sensor could create some powerful application. It could be great to combine one with the Oculus Rift! Oddly enough, the stacked lens array makes it look similar to the HTC one 2.

Play air hockey with a 3D printer

The components for this hack are all open source (hardware / software). The high precision servo motors from the RepRap 3D printer move the computer paddle at a remarkably high speed. A sensor above the table tracks the position of the puck of the table. The software is sophisticated as well. You can set it into distinctive play modes such as offence, defense or a combination of the two. It also does puck path prediction.

Mt. Rushmore of the Digital Age

Something neat Dmitri found that will be launching for the Sochi Olympics – a display which features 3D images of people who interact with it. Participants are able to have their face 3D-scanned and displayed on a 26ft wall for 20 seconds, as well as receiving a 20 second video of it all happening in the Olympic Park.

The installation functions as a giant pin screen where the crowd is able to see their faces “grow” out of the 1,500-square-foot display.

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